Grovo Premium Dried Apricots With Seed

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  1. Grovo dried apricots with seed: Choicest selection, handpicked apricots in every pack.
  2. Premium quality: When you buy grovo dried apricots with seed, you can be assured of consistent delivery of premium quality.
  3. Dry & flavourful: Premium packaging keeps grovo dried apricots with seed moist free and flavourful.
  4. Size & colour: A handpicked selection of apricots that are uniform in size and ideal in colour.
  5. Deluxe size: Sumptuous deluxe size apricots in every pack.
  6. Low on calories: Low on calories & fats, which contributes in the process of reducing your weight.
  7. Rich in dietary fibre: Dietary fibres are generally known to be an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet.
  8. Guilt-free indulgence: Nuts and dry fruits are considered to be amongst one of the healthiest snacking options. use it as a festive gift hamper or everyday snacking delight.
  9. Premium packaging: Three-layer packaging offers high shelf life and keeps goodness intac
Weight 0.240 g
Dimensions 16 × 4 × 11 cm

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