Dry fruits are healthy workspace snacks.

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Have you ever felt hungry in the middle of work, most of you would have been eating some sugary snacks or chips and you may have regretted that after you checked your weight!!!??

Well, you can munch as much as you like without any regret. No surprise dried fruits and nuts are alternative for unhealthy snacks and it has more nutrition!!! In case you are wondering there are some healthy snacks that you can treat yourself to in the office.



We all love almonds for dessert or we would like it if we throw a few in the smoothies, apart from that almonds can be eaten as it is. These seeds have high nutrient values such as protein, antioxidants, and fibers, and also contain vitamin-E and healthy fats. A few almonds from time to time can control blood pressure and it can also make you feel fuller for a longer time.

Next time have a few almonds while you are on the break.



If you like to snack in the middle of browsing, writing or researching, well here are walnuts for you except for their earthy flavor and texture, walnuts hold a great number of proteins, fibers, and poly-saturated and mono-saturated fats. It excludes cholesterol and trans-fats which can be harmful to your heart.

Eating walnuts can be beneficial for better digestion and minor inflammation.


Dried Apricots

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If you are a sweet tooth apricots are the best fruit for your cravings, that too dried apricots have a sour tangy taste that makes you want more. It helps boost immunity and promotes cell growth.

If you want to feel relaxed include an apricot in your snack bowl.

There are different dried fruits and nuts such as dates, pistachio, raisins, and much more. You can munch anytime, that too during work. Having these nuts and fruits can stabilize your health when you feel drained at the office, treat yourself to dried fruits and nuts. 

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